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Alfred Guillou (1844 - 1926)
The Regatta
Oil on canvas, signed, 9 x 16 in.
Price: £ 6950
Artist biography:
Guillou was a French landscape and marine painter, who was born in Concarneau in 1844. His formal training took place under the tutelage of Bouguereau and of Cabenal. He lived at this time in Paris, and from 1867 he exhibited at the Paris Salon, winning a third class medal in 1877, a second class medal in1889 and a gold medal in 1900.

At first he painted sentimental genre paintings, but later turned to painting Breton subjects, which mainly consisted of marine or coastal subjects featuring the fishing community. Guillou painted in a light impressionist style, and his later canvases featuring Brittany are often suffused with light and colour.