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Delphin Enjolras (1857)
In the Boudoir
Oil on canvas, 26 x 21 in.
Price: £ 6950
Artist biography:
Delphin Enjolras was born in 1857 at Courcouron in the Ardèche, France.
He received his formal artistic training from the celebrated teacher Gérard, painting in oils and pastels. Enjolras was highly successful, a regular exhibitor at the Sociétaire des Artistes Francais, to which he was elected a member in 1901.

Enjolras can be classed as a painter of beautiful ladies, a subject matter which was highly prized in the nineteenth Century. His subjects are often revealing intimate moments of society beauties. A golden glow illuminates the boudoir, enhancing her delicate flesh tones, an element for which Enjolras is admired.

Most of his work is hanging in the Musee du Puy and the Musee Calvet d’Avignon.