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Jan Frederik PORTIELJE (Amsterdam 1829 - Antwerp 1908)
The Little Reader
Oil on canvas, signed, 25 x 32 in.
Price: £ 16000
Artist biography:
Born in Amsterdam, Jon Frederik Peter Portielje studied under Valentijn Bing 1812 –1898 and later with Jan Braet Von Ubervelt 1807–1894 in Amsterdam. In 1894 he went to the Koninklije Academie voor Scone
Kunsten in Antwerp where he took lessons with J.L.Dyckmans 1811–1888. After this period of training he spent two years in Paris and travelled in France and Germany. His paintings at this time onwards show a strong French influence and he shares an affinity with the famous Belgian Artist Alfred Stevens, who had a highly influential studio in Paris.

Settling in Brussels he made a name for himself as a portrait painter, especially in English circles and with the continental aristocracy. Between 1857 and 1884 he took part in exhibitions in Amsterdam and the Hague. He painted Genre scenes and portraits. He also worked with Franz Lebert 1820 – 1909 and Eugene Remy Maes 1849 – 1931. His two sons Edward 1861 – 1949 and Gerard 1856 – 1929 were also painters.

Museums and Public Collections

Rotterdam Mus. Boymans-van Benningen
The Hague {Rijksdienst Beeld. KST.