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John Piper (English 1903 - 1992)
Watercolour & mixed media, signed, inscribed, 15½ x 22½ in.

Price: £ 17000
Osbourne Samuel
Artist biography:
John Piper was unique amongst twentieth century artists. No other artist since Turner has done more to celebrate the English Landscape.

He was born in Epsom Surrey in 1903, the son of a solicitor. He showed an aptitude for art at an early age and a particular interest in landscape and architecture. By the age of ten he was already visiting and becoming interested in English churches and this early interest later developed into a passion for the subject. On leaving school he was forced to enter his father’s law firm to train as a solicitor, but following his father’s death in 1926 he enrolled in the Richmond School of Art and a year later at the Royal College of Art.The 1930s saw him forming friendships with Henry Moore and Ivor Hitchens, Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Paul Nash.