Annie Tempest

Annie Tempest was born in Zambia in 1959 and moved to the UK with her family in 1962, after which her father inherited the magnificent Broughton Hall which was later to become the inspiration for Tottering-by-Gently. At the age of 24, whilst working as a medical secretary she began to teach herself how to draw. This, coupled with a love of cryptic crosswords combined to sow the seeds of a career as a cartoonist, initially working for the Daily Mail for seven and a half years with a strip called ‘The Yuppies’. In 1989, she was voted ‘Strip cartoonist of the year’ by her peers in the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain.

With regards to her bronzes: in this new medium, Annie has transferred her acute observational skills and understanding of body language to communicate feeling and gesture in sculpture.  The works are united in their collaborative play with movement, external expression and internal emotion.