ANTOINE BOUVARD Senior 1870 - 1955

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Campo San Zanipolo

Oil on canvas, signed

25½ x 36 in. (33 x 45 in. framed)

Provenance: Private collection, France


Campo San Zanipolo by

The real name of this artist, according to his great- granddaughter, the artist Delphine Bouvard, was in fact Eloi Noel Isidore Béraud, although he painted under the pseudonym ‘Bouvard’ or ‘Marc Aldine’.


Born at St. Étienne France, he studied at the Academy of Fine Art at St. Étienne and established himself as an artist, painting canvases in the Barbizon style. He also worked as a graphic designer, producing designs for Galerie Lafayette and for Markovich cigarettes. In 1924 he established a studio at Val d’Oise, and in 1930 he visited Venice and instantly fell in love with its special light and scenery, which is so seductive to artists. During this visit he met the well known artist Rubens Santoro and studied with him for a period of some six months.

He returned to the city many times during the following years and specialized in painting Venetian views, for which he is justly famous. Bouvard’s paintings show the influence of the French artist Felix Ziem and exhibit a unique understanding of the unique light of Venice. For the English market he painted under the pseudonym Antoine Bouvard and for the French market Marc Aldine. His two principal galleries were the Whitgift Gallery in Croyden and the Gallery Morisco in Nice, although he also exhibited at the Galerie Paul Claux in Paris.


The artist’s son, George Nöel Béraud 1912 – 1972, was also an artist and painted under the name of George Nöel Bouvard. He was born in Paris and died in Écouen and painted in a style similar to that of his father.


Bibliography: Ludovic Saunier, Les Bouvard de l’ombre à la lumiére.


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