ANDRÉ BARBIER 1883 – 1970

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Falaises, Normande

Oil on board, signed

18 x 21½ in.



Falaises, Normande by


André Barbier was born in Arras, France on 24th January 1883 into a family of lawyers.At the age of twenty, Barbier left Arras and settled in Paris at the Quai aux Fleurs, and in the same year, 1903,he exhibited four paintings at the nineteenth Salon des Indépendants.As with so many painters of his day, he adopted an itinerant lifestyle, travelling between Paris, the outskirts of Paris, the Normandy coast and the Riviera, to say nothing of his trips abroad, especially to Italy. Following his illustrious elders, Courbet, Corot and Monet, he went to Étretat to paint La Manneport and L’Aiguille. The white cliffs, the pebble beaches and the sea with its changing tones captivated him. In 1916 a major event took place in Barbier’s life when he met Claude Monet through the writer Gustave Geffroy. Barbier was charmed by Monet and sent him  gifts of fruit, flowers and one of his paintings. Monet responded with a gift of three pastels, and a friendship was born which was to last until Monet’s death in 1926. Barbier’s paintings are collected extensively in America and Europe and have  recently been bought by members of the Monaco  & Belgian royal families. André Barbier exhibited in the Salon des Indépendants from 1903 to 1914 and finally between 1967 and his death. From 1924 he exhibited at the Salon des Tuileries. In 1926 he exhibited at the Retrospective at the Societé des Indépéndants and in 1937 at the Exposition Internationale.

Museum:                  Arras

Bibliography:           Ghislaine Bretonnière Bernaudin, André Barbier

Exhibitions:              Galerie Durand-Ruel 1944 Galerie Katia Granoff 1964

                                     Louvre des Antiquaires 1990 (Retrospective)


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